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This website is showing season 2015-2016

Club Secretaries can now enter their teams for season 2015-2016.

The deadline is 31 May.

Teams that are confirmed and paid for before the 31 May deadline will have priority and we have never turned away a team that was entered and paid for before the deadline. For each age group the number of teams entered determines the size of each division and the optimum is 10 to 12 teams but teams that have asked to enter after the deadline will not be accepted if it affects the size of the divisions.

If you are an existing member club then you do not need permission to enter a new team but you must provide the full prior history of the new team including where it previously played and say why it is leaving a previous league. We will investigate and take references for all new teams.

If you are thinking of forming a new club then please consider a) staying with your existing club or b) joining up with another existing club. If you still want to form a new club then please contact your local County FA such as Berks & Bucks FA http://www.berks-bucksfa.com.

New clubs wishing to join EBFA should have their club secretary contact Mark Gittoes who is the League Secretary by email using secretary@ebyfl.co.uk and provide full details of the teams wishing to enter including
1. Club name
2. Age group
3. Team name
4. Team manager name
5. Location of home pitch and postcode
6. Distance from Bracknell town centre
7. FA Charter Standard status
8. Current league team is playing in
9. Reason for leaving current league
10. On and off pitch disciplinary record for players, coaches and parents for the last 2 years.
Only enquiries from the club secretary will be accepted and please send this information as soon as possible after 01 May or if sent earlier please send again after the 01 May so that a password to access the admin website can be issued.

All existing and new clubs must attend our AGM. must attend.

Please note that this is our admin website and our main public website is http://www.eastberksfa.com

League Format

For Season 2015-2016 EBFA expects to provide

Saturday football for U7 and U8 mixed boys and girls playing 5-a-side
Saturday football for U9 to U10 mixed boys and girls playing 7-a-side
Saturday football for U11 to U12 mixed boys and girls playing 9-a-side
Saturday football for U13 to U15 mixed boys and girls playing 11-a-side
Saturday football for U16 to U18 boys playing 11-a-side
Sunday afternoon football for U21 males playing 11-a-side

The U17 and U18 age groups will be combined.

U7 to U11 will play in non-competitive sections and will be re-streamed midway through the season.
U12 will play in competitive divisions.
U13 will play in non-competitive divisions and will be re-streamed midway through the season and will then play in competitive divisions.
U14 to U21 will play in competitive divisions.

Age groups U9 to U11 will have group-stages and knockout trophy events with a final towards the end of the season.
Age groups U12 to U21 will have knockout cup and plate competitions with a final towards the end of the season.

Where age groups play in competitive divisions there will be end of season presentations for champions and runners-up and the final positions will be determined by number of wins and not goal difference.

In EBFA you must be available to play on all league fixture dates even if the date was originally a free week. Please check the league calendar for all fixture and finals dates and do not arrange other events on these dates.

For league rules please see www.eastberksfa.com.

On 01 May this website will be rolled forward to the next season which means that last seasons U7 teams became U8, U8 become U9 etc all the way to U18.

From 01 May and until 31 May the Club Secretaries can use their username and password to login and add/edit/delete their club and team details for next season and can then use the 2015-2016 Club Agreement Form which will list your club and team details and calculate the correct fees and must be printed out and signed and sent by post with payment to the league to arrive before 31 May. You must send the signed paper copy of the club agreement form to the league. Please note that only Club Secretaries shall complete and submit the Club Agreement form.
All clubs MUST be FA Charter Standard. If your club is a new or existing club in the league and is not yet FA Charter Standard then please contact your local County FA such as Berks & Bucks FA http://www.berks-bucksfa.com.

The League AGM will take place on will be held in June and clubs that are not represented may not be admitted to the league. Clubs seeking to join the league must attend the AGM and there will be a vote to accept these new clubs into the association.

The League Secretary is Mark Gittoes, secretary@ebyfl.co.uk. Please ensure that any email clearly identifies age group, club, team and the persons role in the club.

The EBFA Management Committee looks forward to welcoming all new and existing clubs and teams for the 2015-2016 season.